What is Kickstarter?

1. What is crowdfunding?

A project funding system where a large number of donors contribute a small amount of money to a project or other venture and receive a reward, typically a product or service, for their donation.

2. What is Kickstarter?

One of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world, it is the leader in the rewards-based crowdfunding market. It brings the most interesting projects and ideas together with supporters (buyers) from all over the world.

3. Where can I find projects?

All projects are available at www.kickstarter.com. Alternatively, you can reach them through the marketing promotion of a specific project.

4. How to support the project

a) On the project page, select the reward you want. Rewards are listed on the right side of the page, in descending order of price. Each reward is labeled with a minimum “Pledge,” or donation.

b) Click on the reward to select it. You must then enter the amount of your contribution. The contribution may be equal to or greater than the minimum donation for that reward. With a higher contribution, you can support the author of the project without claiming a higher reward.

c) If applicable, choose where you want the reward to be delivered. In this step, only the country is selected. You will enter your exact address later. The price may be increased by postage, depending on the country of delivery, and the pricing policy of the project creator.

d) Once you have entered your donation amount and country of delivery, you will confirm your donation with the “continue” button and you will be redirected to the next page where you will select whether to log in as a guest or with your existing account or to create a new account. For a one-time purchase, we recommend guest login.

e) If you select the “Continue as guest” option, you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your email and confirm this option.

f) You will then be redirected to the “Payment information” page, where you will fill in your credit card details and confirm your payment with the “Pledge” button. Your account will not be charged at this time, but only on the campaign’s end date, provided that the campaign is successful!

g) After the campaign has been successfully completed, you will be contacted by the project creator. At this stage, you will enter the exact address and complete details for the delivery of your reward.

5. Important payment information

a) By entering your card details, there is no more risk than with any reputable e-shop. Kickstarter receives tens of thousands of payments every day and works with the world’s safest payment systems (Stripe).

b) Your card will be charged only after a successful campaign is completed. This way, you do not risk supporting a failed project.

c) You do not need to have the appropriate amount of money on your card at the time you contribute. It is, therefore, possible to contribute $100 with a current account balance of only $10. Donations are limited only by the maximum contribution amount of $10,000. However, you must add money to your account before the campaign ends so that it can be charged and you can receive your reward.

d) You may change or cancel your contribution for the duration of the campaign, free of charge and unlimited times.

$4.6 billion has been pledged

171,223 projects have been successfully funded

How do I pledge?